Q: I see you offer chocolate brown for Arm Mates, Shoe Mates and Leg Mates. Is it the same shade for all three? And is the leather the same?

A: Great question! Because the thickness of the leather is different for the various "Mates", the shades may not be identical throughout the product line. For ex, thinner lambskin leather is used for the Arm Mates and Shoe Mates as opposed to the lambskin leather that is used for the Nohemi style Leg Mate. This could vary from season to season. If you are concerned about color matching for any of the shades and styles, please contact us for a swatch. 

Q: How does the Somina leg mate stay up?

A: Silicone elastic is used at the top of the thigh high. However, to ensure that it won’t slide down, first time Somina customers will receive a Tainted Pepper™ garter belt.



Q: How is the garter belt worn?

A: The garter belt is made of soft elastic. Wear it on your waist or hips, where ever is most comfortable. Attach each clip to the top of your Somina Leg Mate.  


Q: How can I find out if the color of leather you offer matches my shoe?

A: Please contact us for a swatch of this seasons colors.



Q: Why do you require measurements?

A: Leather stretches so it’s important that each custom item fits like second skin. One size does not look best on everyone! Keep in mind, if you fluctuate in size, it might be necessary to check your measurements when reordering.

Q: How do I take my measurements?

A: By using a flexible tape measure, you can easily find your measurements. Please make sure you measure yourself according to the instructions provided on the Fit Guide page. If you are still uncertain on how to measure, please contact us.


Q: How long does it take to receive the custom fit items?

A: The usual turnaround time is 10-14 days. We will notify you if there is a delay.


Q: What is your return policy?

A: Custom orders- We realize even with custom made items, the fit can still be off. If you are unsatisfied with the fit of your item, we will remake it one time free of charge upon the return of the original garment. We do not accept returns for custom made items.

A: For all non-custom orders, we will gladly refund any item in its original and unused condition within 14 days of receipt. Shipping charges are not refundable.