To Dye For

So this may not be a newsflash for many of you, and I have no idea why I am just now learning this after all my years of shopping, BUT dying shoes is not just for bridesmaid dresses!

For months I have been trying to find the perfect color ankle boot to go with the cognac color leather Shoe Mates. I came close but the shoe was $1550...nope, no can do. To be honest, I did go back to Barneys just to make sure they were a perfect match because price is no object for the perfect shoe...right? Well, they were sold out! what? As I was about to hop on a plane to NYC, because you can find anything there, I just happened to stop into my favorite shoe repair place and asked if they could custom make an ankle boot similar to the tan boot I had (pictured on left) in cognac. Mike, the shop owner, said to me, "how about if we just dye your tan boot?" Really? Skeptically I gave him my only tan boot, along with a scrap piece of cognac leather and 10 days later I had a cognac pair of ankle boots (photo on the right). They're perfect! So my message to Nine West...please continue to make this tan ankle boot. I already bought two more pairs, and they were on sale!

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