To Paint or Not to Paint

Nail polish. It’s an obsession, an addiction…a curse and a blessing. Some people may say it is not normal for one person to own over 100 nail polishes. Some may say it’s crazy and that one couldn’t possibly need so many polishes. To those people I say - Nay! I do need all these colors and more!

Gone are the days of where the only acceptable shades are pinks, reds and neutrals and wearing black polish meant you were a part of some goth movement. No color is off limits which means there is no end in sight to the variations that are possible. And if that wasn’t enough, the finishes to choose from are vast – cream, jelly, matte, shimmer, pearl, glitter, crackle! Glitter choices alone are enough to make a girl giddy! Chunky glitter, fine glitter, chunky with fine glitter, flake glitter, multi-colored glitter, hex glitter…ahhhhh!

The great thing about nail polish is that it’s something you can change quickly and often without breaking the bank, especially if you’re adept at doing it yourself. Practice makes perfect! So whether it’s the $1.99 Wet n Wild polish you got from CVS or the $30 Tom Ford polish you got from Neiman’s, change your polish to your mood, season, outfit or occasion! Just make sure you’re in a well-ventilated area. 


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