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Turks and Caicos

I took a trip to Turks and Caicos by myself. I highly recommend this spot even if you have no one to go with. You can always bring your tech gadgets if you feel you need to look like a high powered executive who is looking for a quick escape...maybe you are!

Since I didn't get to take a vacation this year, I often find myself reflecting on my most recent vacation to Turks and Caicos. I have been to many places in the Caribbean, but I've never seen water so clear as Grace Bay in Providenciales! This was one of the most perfect solo trips. A not-so-quick flight from LA, but well worth the effort. You can spend a ton of money on lodging (Parrot Cay) or spend very little, as I did, and still have a great time. My resort was located on Grace Bay and the rooms featured a washer/dryer, microwave and fridge...perfect for the budget-conscious traveler! I went during the off- season, which was perfect for me as I was looking for a quiet, relaxing vacation so I could catch up on my reading (I haven't picked up a book since!). Each day was filled with a little morning workout*, followed by plenty of beach time. I even went kayaking for the first time. I went out with a group (two couples, myself, and a local tour guide)...what fun! It has roughly a four hour tour; we even stopped for lunch on a deserted island.

Since it's a British territory, make sure you look the “other” way when crossing the's easy to forget!

*Solo Travel Tip: if you are a runner, this is not the place to log your miles. If you do, beware of stray dogs...they have quite a few of them and they love to give me, you will lose! Stick to a treadmill if you can find a hotel that has one, if not, swimming is a good choice...the ocean is as clear as a pool!

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